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Rundown apartments allowable under city’s minimum housing codes

Housing code regulations enforced in the city are minimum standards designed to protect health and safety, according to a building department official. They do not necessarily address what an average person would consider abysmal conditions within an apartment.

2021 annual homelessness report: Unsheltered population has doubled since 2020

Emergency shelters had to put in pandemic safety measures, which reduced the number of beds available. With the housing vacancy rate remaining at less than 2 percent over the past three years, many people experiencing homelessness in 2021 “stayed in places not meant for human habitation as their only solution to survival,” according to the report.

New chapter for family forced out of Wilson Street apartment

A month after she and her family were evicted from their apartment of 15 years because the landlord wanted to renovate it, Trina Luna is now happily relocated in a first-floor apartment in the North End.

IRS weighs in on NH Liquor Commission’s cash sales policy

The State Liquor Commission (SLC) and its employees are not required to report large cash sales of more than $10,000 to the IRS because “governmental units” are exempt under federal law.

Hooksett’s The Cake Fairy: Where sweet dreams come true – including her own

HOOKSETT, NH – A few years ago Lisa Lucciano woke up one morning, turned to her husband, Don, and said she was going to open a bakery. “What are you going to call it?” he asked. “The Cake Fairy,” she answered.  For years, her husband had always given his daughter small gifts saying they were …

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