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Manchester’s toughest neighborhood can be the best place to start a business

Editor’s note: This article is another installment of “Invisible Walls,” an ongoing joint project of the Granite State News Collaborative, NH Business Review and Business NH Magazine that describes how exclusionary zoning laws have reinforced areas of persistent poverty, impacting many aspects of community life, including crime, public health, affordable housing and access to economic …

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He built New Hampshire’s largest addiction treatment network. Now, he faces accusations of sexual misconduct

The content of these messages disturbed her, but it was the sender that broke her. The messages came from Eric Spofford, the founder of Granite Recovery Centers (GRC), the parent company of the facility Elizabeth had just left. Spofford is one of the most prominent and influential figures in New Hampshire’s response to the opioid epidemic.

Banks race against cyber criminals

With contactless transactions for everything from pizza to home loans, the pandemic has moved much of the financial world to a digital format. The downside is that these new and different processes have created a rich environment for cyber thieves and fraudsters who get more sophisticated and creative every day, which is forcing financial institutions to step up their game.

‘Missing middle’ housing bill heads to floor of New Hampshire House

The bill, sponsored by a bipartisan group of legislators “relegalizes” smaller multi-family buildings, which were once ubiquitous in many New Hampshire communities, said Rep. Ivy Vann, D-Peterborough, prime sponsor of the measure and a town and urban planner by profession.

What gives a thing value? The future of cryptocurrency and the meaning of money

Story Produced by New Hampshire Bar News, a Member of What is wealth? And how is it that some things with seemingly no inherent value become the currency with which other things—like food, clothing, legal services, and shelter— can be bought?  And does cryptocurrency shed any light on the excesses of Western society?   These were …

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COVID can’t curtail canine caregivers: Granite Staters still treating their dogs to play time

One area at home that hasn’t taken a hit has been how pets are treated. As the saying goes, they are part of the family. And thus, doggy daycare has not skipped a beat for one’s four-legged friend. While there have been a couple of hiccups – like when practically all non-essential businesses closed in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic – pet owners have continued to send Man’s Best Friend for a day or two of romping, slobbering and napping with their best friends, both human and canine.