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Supply chain woes drag on

From small items, such as packaging, to major components and computer chips, retailers have to move delivery dates from weeks to months and tell customers that some things just won’t be available.

New Hampshire’s hospitals continue to innovate

Just in the past few years, there have been advances in science, technology and treatment that are intended to improve health outcomes and provide timely updates to family members whose loved ones are receiving care.

Businesses get a boost from in-person schooling

Now that students, teachers and school administrators have headed back to school in person, Hausman believes it’s imperative to reacquire customers who were visiting the establishment before the Covid-19 pandemic shut down schools. 

Happy Campers: When COVID cancelled everything else, the great outdoors became a hot ticket

Some campground owners feared 2020 might be their worst year because of COVID-19 restrictions. But for many, it turned out to be their best year as people sought refuge among the trees and fresh air. And even as travel restrictions loosen and vaccinations are readily available, camp reservations show no signs of slowing as the 2021 season kicks into high gear.

As health care workforce shortage persists, employers boost incentives

Recruitment, however, is about to become even more challenging. The state’s 10 community mental health centers are expanding services significantly under their new contracts with the state. The centers are exploring recruitment plans now and some are beginning to offer bonuses, Couture said. Even with cash incentives, the centers’ inability to match salaries provided by private providers remains.

The Flavors of Our Neighbors: In Don Quijote, the important thing is to feel at home

In “The Flavors of Our Neighbors;” “Los Sabores de Nuestros Vecinos,” a limited weekly series comprised of multimedia stories that highlight Latino restaurant owners, we learn how these entrepreneurs have not only weathered the pandemic but found ways to thrive and continue to provide a sense of community for their customers.