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Leadership Greater Manchester now accepting applications for Class of 2024


Leadership Greater Manchester now accepting applications for the class of 2024.

MANCHESTER, NH – For more than three decades, Leadership Greater Manchester (LGM) has sought to educate, engage and develop the next generation of community leaders in the greater Manchester region. We are now accepting applications for the Leadership Greater Manchester Class of 2024!

LGM begins in September with a retreat, followed by nine full-day sessions held monthly through June. Each session focuses on a new topic presented by local and state community and business leaders and exposes participants to various initiatives, programs, and opportunities in our community. Click here to view the 2022-2023 program calendar and attendance requirements.

We are seeking applicants who have demonstrated a strong commitment and desire to impact the greater Manchester community, while having achieved, or are currently developing, a leadership role within their career. Through the exchange of viewpoints and experiences, participants are exposed to the challenges, opportunities and vital issues affecting the greater Manchester community. Please consider applying today or refer the program to someone you know would be a good fit.

The applications to the Leadership Greater Manchester Class of 2024 are due May 15, 2023, and interviews will begin shortly on a rolling basis as applications are received.

Click here to apply!

For additional questions, please email leadership@manchester-chamber.org.


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