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Snowy owls pose problem at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

According to Deputy Airport Director Brian O’Neill, snowy owls were first spotted in the spring, and have returned for the winter, forcing airport personnel to “harass and scare” the birds away from runways and surrounding areas using FAA-approved programs that don’t harm the birds.

NH customers eligible for claims in $90 million T-Mobile suit

Consumers can submit claims under the Program by visiting www.tmobilerefund.com and submit a claim, find information about refund eligibility and how to obtain a refund, and can request a free account summary that details PSMS purchases on their accounts. Consumers who have questions about the Program can visit the Program website or call the Refund Administrator at (855) 382-6403.

NH consumers eligible for restitution following Sirius XM settlement

The attorneys general allege that Sirius XM engaged in misleading, unfair, and deceptive acts or practices in violation of state consumer protection laws. New Hampshire will receive approximately $53,000 from this settlement with those funds being designated for future consumer protection investigation and enforcement efforts.