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April 27: East Coast Evolution Leadership & Thrive Outdoors hosts grand re-opening


MANCHESTER, NH – Four years after Thrive Outdoor’s original grand opening (in January of 2020), and after the world shut down, the local company is reborn and under the wing of East Coast Evolution Leadership.

East Coast Evolution Leadership specializes in operations management, leadership development, retreats, and team building. Notably, E.C.E.L. has been managing the staff for the 39 Beech Street Engagement Center, but the core of their mission can be found at 190 Elm St, where they have been tirelessly preparing to re-open as Southern New Hampshire’s most unique place to be.

The Community Leadership Center now spans 6,000 square feet and offers Nerf Leagues, Smash Rooms, Scavenger Hunts, Escape Rooms, and more. The CLC is available to host events, ranging from birthday parties to corporate presentations, to music nights with DJs and bands. The space is both educational, with libraries of wilderness materials, and also functional for interesting activities, such as Nerf Chaos Wars, the Floor is Lava competitions, and a variety of challenge courses, including ropes and a boulder wall.

To introduce itself to the community, The Community Leadership Center will host a Re-Grand Opening on April 27, 2024, from 12-5 pm, with two rooms of demonstrations and activities, and spaces open for other Manchester businesses to set up to share themselves with the community. 

The event will be full of free family-friendly activities, ranging from face painting to crafts, hands-on demonstrations, live music and entertainment, a raffle, and more.

About East Coast Evolution Leadership and Thrive Outdoors LLC  

Founded in 2013, Thrive Outdoors is a leadership and team-building business that works with all age ranges to use the tools and resiliency found in nature to impart lasting, impactful change in individuals and groups.

Thrive Outdoors’ mission is to use the readily available tools around us, and within us, to help people become more positive-minded, optimistic, and less stressed. They believe there is a healing quality to testing yourself in a natural setting and that these skills, coupled with the confidence one gains while acquiring them, can be life-changing. Thrive also strives to volunteer and offer free programming to veterans and those who need it most, to always work towards a stronger community, better connections, and a more service-oriented society – one small adventure at a time.

Since 2022, Thrive Outdoors primarily gears its programming on youth (such as summer camps and school programming), and recovery centers. Notable clients include Starbucks, Doubletree, Founders Academy, Southern NH University, UNH, and Avenues Recovery.

East Coast Evolution Leadership was founded in 2023 to serve as the corporate face of both brands, with an emphasis on operations management for small businesses and non-profit organizations, as well as leadership development and team building. Notable clients include the City of Manchester, the City of Nashua, and the Barbara C. Harris Camp and Conference Center, in Greenfield NH.


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