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Get Tech Smart: Boosting Your Website Traffic

In this episode of Get Tech Smart, Flo Nicolas is joined by Logan Ares Snyder, the Owner & Lead Strategist of hasOptimization, to dive deep into the art of driving website traffic. They discuss website analytics, shedding light on essential tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics, and highlighting the key differences between these analytics platforms.

Center for Women & Enterprise offers resources and support for women entrepreneurs

On this episode of Get Resource Smart, Flo sits down with Chandra Reber, the director of New Hampshire’s Center for Women & Enterprise (CWE), to share what her organization has to offer existing or prospective female entrepreneurs in the building, growth, and maintenance of their companies. Joining Flo and Chandra is Liz Salas Evans, who used CWE as a resource while starting her own business and now serves as a CWE financial consultant.

An Innovation Ecosystem Thrives at UNH

Universities can be hubs for innovative thought, products and even spin-out businesses. The University of New Hampshire is no exception, and has actually created an ecosystem to accelerate future high-tech leaders, companies and socially responsible nonprofits. 

How high school students can jump-start STEM careers with BAE programs

For this episode of Get Tech Smart, we’ll meet Laurel Skiff of BAE Systems, a defense contractor that is one of the top 10 largest companies and employers in New Hampshire. Laurel Skiff, the company’s community, pre- and early-career outreach program lead, will walk us through the four STEM programs BAE offers to high school students. These programs provide incredible and valuable hands-on opportunities in STEM through BAE’s intensive programs and internships, including: