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More remote employees working side gigs

Thirty-nine percent of employees working two full-time remote jobs are able to do so because they say neither requires 40 hours per week to maintain. Meanwhile, 34% work more than 40 hours per week to maintain both jobs. Among workers whose second full-time job is in-person, 60% complete remote work while at their in-person job. Only 32% keep their two work schedules separate. 

Business leaders make the case for increased funding for University System of NH

With the process underway to put together the state budget for the next two years, the University System of NH and the Business and Industry Association hosted a roundtable discussion on Tuesday with leaders from some of the state’s largest employers to underscore the critical role NH’s colleges and universities play in addressing the workforce shortage the state is facing.

UNH research finds angel investors influenced by ego

“Our research focused on the theory of ‘threatened egotism,’ which states that highly narcissistic people—those with excessive self-love—can have vulnerable egos that are fragile and need to be fed with risky and aggressive investment behavior,” says Jeffrey Sohl, professor of entrepreneurship and decision sciences and director of UNH’s Center for Venture Research. “Any negative feedback on those investments can motivate angel investors to calibrate their future investment behavior, engaging in even larger deals and a higher level of portfolio diversification.”

Intriguing woman-led business: Kimball Physics

Abigail LePage joined the company 24 years ago as a technician in the vacuum laboratory testing products. She rose through the ranks to become manager, general manager, COO and was named CEO three years ago. She continues the mission of the founder: “To advance humankind by doing good physics—specifically electron optics and vacuum physics —and all the while growing, being good citizens, making a living and having fun.”

Employees ride the resignation wave

Remember all that optimism at the start of our Hot Vax Summer? That was back when vaccinations were on the rise, masks were coming off and getting back to normal seemed possible? Businesses began planning for a return to the office though some were holding off until September to give employees flexibility and time to adjust.

NAACP list helps NH support minority-owned businesses

The Manchester chapter of the NAACP has developed a resources page for NH minority-owned businesses. Available at naacpmanchesternh.com/businesses, users can not only connect to resources to help them grow their companies but also find other minority-owned companies.

COVID crisis causes milk surplus and dumping

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the dairy industry saw two of its major markets — restaurants and schools — dry up overnight leading to a surplus of milk nationally and the dumping of millions of pounds of milk that could not be sold.

Retirement and the COVID-19 Crisis

For many Boomers, 2020 was going to be the start of a new phase in their life as they planned to retire. And then the world changed in an instant, leaving some to wonder whether this really will be the start of their Golden Years or if those dreams will have to be deferred. For others close to retirement that now find themselves jobless, it may feel less like a choice as a circumstance forced upon them.