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Anatomy of a scam: Yes, it can happen to you

In the scam world, Ann’s experience, from the minute her accounts were hacked, through the phone call with the “help desk,” is called a Trojan horse. It’s a seemingly legitimate process that draws in an unsuspecting victim.

Holy Moly Snacks

Manchester’s Holy Moly Snacks is ‘unexpected’ innovator

The company produces five flavors of chips, as well as dog treats. Aside from Tran and Le, who is the company owner, they have two full-time employees, and have become a fixture at farmers markets, craft and art fairs, and events like the Great American Ribfest, in Merrimack, and the Made in NH Expo. As the business evolves, Tran has kept her full-time job and Le, an engineer, is also a real estate investor.