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Communicast talks to Andrew Switzer of Peoples United Bank about the Webster House Night of Giving Gala

The Webster House Night of Giving Gala honors the past and looks to the future as they continue to provide a balanced home-like environment for the most vulnerable children in our community. Their immediate need is for capital improvements that includes addressing the summer heat impact on the residents. Communicast talks to Andrew Switzer of …

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The Future of Communications in a Web3 World

The Future of Communications in a Web3 World. A Manchester Ink Link Community Member Perspective. There’s a lot of noise and media these days around cryptocurrency and NFTs. Surely you have seen media coverage about the people who have made or lost millions on everything from Crypto to the Bored Ape Yacht Club series of …

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My Three Words for 2022

The words themselves are meant to act as a trigger for action and for guidance. Choosing three words to guide my year and my actions have long proven to be helpful in both stable and turbulent times and works far better than New Year’s resolutions that quickly fall by the wayside.

Keith Spiro Communicast: The Magic of Webster House 

Making magic at Webster House is an everyday occurrence. Just ask Board Vice President Sherry Nannis who reached out to me after hearing the excitement surrounding my “over the edge” interview with their CEO, Michelle O’Malley and Executive Director, Blair Stairs.

Keith Spiro’s Communicast: Eoin Costello, Digital Champion of Community Reinvention

Eoin Costello is a digital champion for small business and a leader in the reinvention of communities. We spoke by Zoom and picked up where we left off from our first meeting years ago in Ireland. He started off our conversation by noting that much of built infrastructure reflects the needs of our 19th-century communities.

Back to the future of school with Prenda and learning pods

If you could fix the future by going into the past, would you do it? In that famous scene in the 1985 Movie, Back to the Future, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) learns that  “Doc” Brown (Christopher Lloyd) built a time machine out of a DeLorean and asks why?  Doc Brown replies, “The way I see it, if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?

Tonight’s the night for the Perseid meteor shower to show its best

Tonight’s the night the Perseid meteor shower will peak. See the best meteor shower of the year and enjoy it live or live streamed. Check out these links and enjoy the night sky whether you venture outside or not. It also can be seen over the weekend.

We can always use another smile around town

First Day at London Family Orthodontics – We can always use another smile around town First Days are big news! Manchester Ink Link proudly welcomes Dr. Danielle London to our community and congratulates her on the first official day as London Family Orthodontics. Dr. London is board-certified in the field of tooth movement and alignment, …

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Celebrating National Hot Dog Day in Style in Manchester New Hampshire

Take a guy that knows everybody by name. Add a cashier with the colorful name Flower who keeps everything moving swiftly and efficiently and set your food cart up in sight of the historic Mill Girl Statute on Commercial Street and that’s where you will find Dube Dogs Tuesdays through Fridays.

Keith Spiro Communicast: Mike Kind HybridWorkHub and the pivot to workplace flexibility

In April 2021, StanData announced technology for the Work From Home crowd that would benefit both their wellness as well as productivity. Remote workers in the USA as a category had peaked a year earlier at 50 million but the potential benefits to companies and employees remain an area of exploration for many. Stories abound of CEO’s demanding return of workers to offices and employees leaving jobs because they won’t retreat from the newly-found flexibility in the workplace. Less is spoken about employees who ask to come back into offices.