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Support local businesses: ‘Shop Small’ this holiday season… and every day

This year, Small Business Saturday will be held on November 26th, marking the 13th celebration of this event. Celebrated each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday is a way for consumers to make an impact in their community by supporting independently-owned businesses during the holiday season. The SBA is proud to be a cosponsor of Small Business Saturday, which was founded by American Express in 2010.

A ratepayer and taxpayer success story in Durham school

What we have here is a moral and civic good.  The humans who learn and work in this bright new building cannot help but absorb the message that their community respects and values what happens there.

Chevy No Va! (Chevy Doesn’t Go!)

English can be an amusing and sometimes dangerous language in the hands of advertising Mad Men, business owners, or a verbally dyslexic columnist such as moi. While ads for the Chevy Nova were met with chuckles in Puerto Rico 60 years ago, one doesn’t have to leave the Manchester environs to get the business funny for your money:

The Soapbox: Surviving inflation and rising prices

Economists may start using the term hyperinflation, which obviously sounds scary and can trigger the kind of run-on limited goods and services we saw at the beginning of the pandemic. It is typically based on war or current events. But don’t panic.

Freesia, a very good dog, inspires donation to her NH trainers

Freesia is a “facility dog,” rather than a service dog, which means she belongs to a community, rather than one individual. “While our service dogs profoundly affect the life of one person, our facility dogs touch the lives of many,” said Kathy Metz, executive director of ACTS, in a news release announcing the donation.

My Three Words for 2022

The words themselves are meant to act as a trigger for action and for guidance. Choosing three words to guide my year and my actions have long proven to be helpful in both stable and turbulent times and works far better than New Year’s resolutions that quickly fall by the wayside.

Coming Soon: Drastic rate increases for electricity and natural gas

What can we do about these dismal developments? That’s the subject of a future column but – spoiler alert – there are no easy answers and those who peddle such answers are mistaken. In the meantime, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Questions of the Week: What are your thoughts on COVID’s impact on the economy?

Today, we’re asking you for your thoughts on COVID-19 and the economy. Is the country and Manchester in particular beginning to bounce back to where we were in 2019? Do we still have a long way to go? Are safety regulations helping, hurting or a little of both? What will the future bring and what have you been seeing from where you are?

Life in the Streets: Studio 550 Clay Sculpting!

This past week has had beautiful weather, sunshine and the community out and about getting that precious vitamin D! I took this opportunity to check out a fun, community-focused company that I have had my eye on once my vaccine shots kicked in, and that’s Studio 550 Art Center!

Communicast: Heidi Onda & The White Ribbon Project for Lung Cancer

I did not know Chip Kennett, but his death affected me because just a year earlier I had met cancer research evangelist Dave Bjork. He, too, was diagnosed with lung cancer in his early 30s. He, too, has never smoked and as a survivor has become a real advocate for putting money directly in the hands of researchers and for raising awareness of the work that needs to be done. The stigma around lung cancer as a smoker’s disease has hampered progress and yet, more than 20 percent of all lung cancer patients today are non-smokers.