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How high school students can jump-start STEM careers with BAE programs

For this episode of Get Tech Smart, we’ll meet Laurel Skiff of BAE Systems, a defense contractor that is one of the top 10 largest companies and employers in New Hampshire. Laurel Skiff, the company’s community, pre- and early-career outreach program lead, will walk us through the four STEM programs BAE offers to high school students. These programs provide incredible and valuable hands-on opportunities in STEM through BAE’s intensive programs and internships, including:

Transplant technology: United Therapeutics’ 3D-printing of human organs focused on every breath you take

United Therapeutics is in the amazement business. Its 950 employees are spread between corporate offices in Silver Spring, Maryland, and North Carolina’s Research Triangle, with additional research labs in Quebec, Florida and California. In Manchester, 3D lungs and kidneys are being printed and their website lists 13 current job openings for various scientists and research assistants.

The Father of Video Games: A retrospective of inventor Ralph H. Baer on his 100th birthday

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of the 20th century’s most prolific and consequential inventors.  It was on this day that Ralph Henry Baer was born in Pirmasens, Germany. Baer would go on to create a host of electronic devices, toys, and gadgets. None, however, would be bigger than his seminal conceptualization and work around what was to become the modern video game industry. 

The Future of Communications in a Web3 World

The Future of Communications in a Web3 World. A Manchester Ink Link Community Member Perspective. There’s a lot of noise and media these days around cryptocurrency and NFTs. Surely you have seen media coverage about the people who have made or lost millions on everything from Crypto to the Bored Ape Yacht Club series of …

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Keith Spiro Communicast with Josh Verrill at the Launch of “4AM Demand” a SaaS for these times.

At the heart of what co-founders Heather Stokes and Josh Verrill are doing is creating a business that hopes to inspire people to be better, bolder marketers with tools so they don’t have to be awake worrying at 4 a.m. With the kind of year businesses have had, they look to minimize the complexity in how to market and how to scale early-stage high growth businesses in the Software as a Service (SaaS) space.

Sept. 19: Mainstay Technologies open house to show off new Manchester location

The open house is an opportunity for Mainstay, a leading provider of high-touch, enterprise-level IT and information security services, to invite those who have been connected to the company and the general business community to experience their culture in a more intimate way.