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Level Up Gaming under new, joyous management


Krystal Fortin and Adam Gramatikas, new owners of Level Up Gaming on Mast Road. Photo/Winter Trabex

GOFFSTOWN, NH – Level Up Gaming located, at 679 Mast Road, is under new management since June when Krystal Fortin and Adam Gramatikas purchased the business. The couple, hailing from New Boston, have always been avid gamers, especially when it comes to older systems.

Prior to purchasing the store, both worked for several years in construction work. They continue to work those jobs Monday and Tuesday while working in the store every other day. They live at home with six cats and a dog, all of whom, according to Fortin, “cover the floors of their house in fur.” 

The change in ownership is at least the second such change made in the last several years. Under the previous ownership, the store bought and sold used video games, as well as manga books.

Under Fortin and Gramatikas’ ownership, retro games for purchase and sale is still at the heart of things, but they’d also like to initiate game nights with pizza and Dungeons and Dragons. Fortin is motivated by the community aspect of owning a store. She enjoys seeing people smile and have a good time socializing in the store, all while enjoying the same hobby she enjoys herself. Both owners have been gamers since childhood- Fortin since 1991, Gramatikas since 1987.

“It’s the hobby, the collecting, the love of gaming,” Fortin said.

At times, customers can be seen in the store holding a Nintendo game gun at an old television while playing Duck Hunt. At other times, children can be seen browsing the store while sharing their latest exploits with one another.

Gramatikas’ background in carpentry makes him uniquely prepared to deal with issues around consoles. He can sometimes be seen in the store with a screwdriver in hand taking apart an old Nintendo console for repairs. At other times, he has a Gameboy in hand, trying to get to the next level of an obscure game.

“It’s amazing,” Fortin said. “It’s exciting getting to meet fellow collectors, building a community. We don’t have much free time right now. It’s a busy life. It’s enjoyable being here. It doesn’t feel like work; it feels like just being with friends, good company.”

The store’s wide range of options, from Atari to Nintendo Switch, draws in a variety of customers. At times, people will come in from other states to find something they were looking for.

“I also like to see the rarities that come in,” Gramatikas said. “The Clay Fighter, the Flintstones, NES, all the rare games that are out there excite me when they come in through the door. They’re not easy to find. Just to be able to see them, talk about them is my world. I live for that.”

“It’s about the people who come in and make us smile and make us feel good,” Fortin said. “It’s a good time.”

Store Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 12-7 p.m.

Level Up Gaming on the Web: www.levelupgamingnh.com


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Winter Trabex

Winter Trabex is a freelance writer from Manchester and regular contributor to Community Voices.

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