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Oct. 23: Nontraditional funeral event buries past notions


A wicker casket can be part of a “green” burial. Courtesy Photo

MANCHESTER, NH — The cultural shift in America from death denial to death positivity finds more of us seeking information about end-of-life options beyond traditional casket burial or cremation. An upcoming nontraditional funeral discussion will explore many end-of-life options for New Hampshire residents.

The free event is set for 10-11:30 a.m., Wednesday, October 23, at Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium, 243 Hanover St., Manchester, NH 03104.

Lee Webster, Director of New Hampshire Funeral Resources, Education and Advocacy and President Emeritus National Home Funeral Alliance and Buddy Phaneuf, President of Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Chairman of the Phaneuf Family Foundation, will co-present the discussion.

Topics of discussion to include:

  • Home Funerals
  • Do It Yourself Memorial Services
  • Body Donation
  • Green Burials
  • Life Celebrations
  • Virtual Funerals
  • Living Funerals

“In end-of-life work, our whole purpose is to bring light to the topic so people can explore it on their own terms and that includes inside the funeral industry,” Webster said. “We’re in a more enlightened age.”

As more of us realize the variety end-of-life options, the funeral industry must expand beyond the traditional to remain relevant and viable. 

“We’ll cover options such as green funerals and ‘body farms’ as well as the different aspects of body donation. It’s quite different than organ donation,” Phaneuf said.

Webster added the takeaway of the discussion is that it’s OK to choose your end-of-life wishes. She and Phaneuf will present the options and how people can get the assistance and services they need to accommodate those choices.

Click here for more information on the Oct. 23 free nontraditional funeral discussion.


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