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KS Kitchen: A familiar space serving up something completely different (and delish)

In a city where change is inevitable, walking into a familiar space to encounter something completely different happens. And so it was when my hubby and I recently entered the space that was most recently Mint Bistro to check out KS Kitchen, which advertises itself as an American-Indian and Nepali restaurant. It was the same, only completely different.

Woodstacker Beer Co.: Taking a break to upgrade and expand

Three months after opening the door, The Woodstacker Beer Company Tap Room is out of beer. It’s a good problem and presents the opportunity to press pause in order to make upgrades to guest experience and expand the brewery infrastructure. Over the next few weeks Fusco will be working on upgrades and improvements with a grand reopening on Nov. 2.

Diz’s Cafe: Cultivating success for employees beyond the restaurant

Since its grand opening in 2020, Diz’s Cafe has become more than just a place to grab a bite; it’s a nurturing ground for the dreams and ambitions of its staff. Owners Gary “Diz” and Judi Window have turned the establishment into a platform for their staff to set and achieve personal goals, transcending the conventional employer-employee relationship.

Holy Moly Snacks

Manchester’s Holy Moly Snacks is ‘unexpected’ innovator

The company produces five flavors of chips, as well as dog treats. Aside from Tran and Le, who is the company owner, they have two full-time employees, and have become a fixture at farmers markets, craft and art fairs, and events like the Great American Ribfest, in Merrimack, and the Made in NH Expo. As the business evolves, Tran has kept her full-time job and Le, an engineer, is also a real estate investor.