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NH April median home price is $515,000

The median, which first hit the half-million mark in March, was up from a median of $453,000 in April 2023. Median means that half of the properties sold for a higher price, and half lower.

NH single-family home median price tag hits $500,000

The median sales price for an existing single-family home in New Hampshire hit the $500,000 mark in March, with condo/townhouse properties following close behind at $409,950.

NH home sales loosening up, but price and affordability aren’t

With mortgage interest rates going down, sales of single-family homes are loosening up slightly across New Hampshire and the nation. Low inventory, though, is still keeping prices high and affordability out of the reach for many New Hampshire homebuyers, according to the monthly market report from the New Hampshire Association of Realtors.

It’s Your Money: How to buy your dream home, even if you don’t win the lottery

We all have our comfort TV shows and, this winter, weirdly, I’ve been binging “My Lottery Dream Home,” which is available on several streaming services. If you’re not familiar, the host, designer David Bromstad, guides lucky lottery (or settlement, or inheritance) winners in buying their “dream home.” The featured person or family looks at three homes suggested by local real estate brokers, David walks the lottery winner through the homes as they talk about the pros and cons. At the end, the person decides which home they’ll buy.