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Level Up Gaming under new, joyous management

Level Up Gaming located, at 679 Mast Road, is under new management since June when. Crystal Fortin and Adam Gramatikas purchased the store for an amount in the six figures. The couple, hailing from New Boston, have always been avid gamers, especially when it comes to older systems.

Store no more: LGBTQ+ retailer Keke’s Dream considers move to Elm Street after losing lease at mall

Store owner Keith Marcoux Sr. said they had received an eviction notice from the mall’s management due to a clause in their lease that could force them out at any time. Any business in the mall on a short-term lease can be supplanted at any time by any other business willing to sign on to a long-term lease. This was the case for Keke’s Dream, which for some time has been the only LGBTQ+ business in New Hampshire.

Double Midnight Comics celebrates soft re-opening on Willow Street

The Maple Street location had previously been packed full of products, such that there was hardly any room to walk. The new location has considerably more space, which it seems will soon get filled up just as quickly – if owner Chris Proulx’s expectations are anything to go by.