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NH: A State of Manufacturing

Industry leaders are hopeful manufacturing will grow again, with many pointing to the infusion of $44 million in a federal grant that will be used to expand a biofabrication cluster in Manchester’s Millyard, which is expected to create thousands more manufacturing jobs and make NH the global epicenter of biofabrication.

Is NH ‘immune’ from tech layoffs?

Over 50 tech companies have laid off thousands of workers in the Boston area as part of a nationwide wave of staff reductions in the industry — but it hasn’t seemed to have reached New Hampshire.

USDA loan to fund Stonyfield Farm solar power

Stonyfield Farm is among businesses in Maine and New Hampshire that will benefit in $15.2 million in renewable energy loans to Aligned Solar Partners from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Electric Infrastructure Loan program.

Claudia Tobon

‘Launch Now’ platform helps students explore career options

Claudia Tobon, founder and CEO of Launch Now (launchnow.org) is on a mission to help students connect with the right careers earlier. She says high school counselors may call an employer to inquire about offering a student an experience, such as job shadowing or an internship, which can involve several emails and phone messages, only to find it is not a good fit. 

Intriguing woman-led business: Kimball Physics

Abigail LePage joined the company 24 years ago as a technician in the vacuum laboratory testing products. She rose through the ranks to become manager, general manager, COO and was named CEO three years ago. She continues the mission of the founder: “To advance humankind by doing good physics—specifically electron optics and vacuum physics —and all the while growing, being good citizens, making a living and having fun.”

An Innovation Ecosystem Thrives at UNH

Universities can be hubs for innovative thought, products and even spin-out businesses. The University of New Hampshire is no exception, and has actually created an ecosystem to accelerate future high-tech leaders, companies and socially responsible nonprofits.